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Single Board Computer using multiple Parallax Propeller Microprocessor chips

Cluso's RamBlade PCB

This is claimed to be the worlds smallest CPM computer.

The RamBlade PCB contains a Propeller microprocessor, 512KB static RAM memory, microSD socket/card, and a 64KB Eeprom. The pcb measures only 1.2"x1.9" (30mmx48mm) and fits inside a matchbox.

The RamBlade has software that runs a Z80 emulation at speeds exceeding the old 4MHz Z80. CP/M is loaded from the microSD card which emulates 8 x 8MB Hard Disks. Currently CPM 2.2 is running and CPM3 has been running. Wordstar, which was considered a good test, also runs.

The board interfaces to the outside world via a 2-wire 3V serial port which can also double (with the addition of a few resistors and capacitor) as a monochrome TV (video) adapter and a PS2 Keyboard adapter for connection to an external TV and PS2 Keyboard. Many USB keyboards will function in PS2 mode using an adapter.

The RamBlade can easily connect to other micros via the serial port (RS232 with an adapter), or plug into other various Propeller boards to add VGA and other capabilities. An optional PropPlug PCB provides connection to the USB port on your PC.

The Propeller microprocessor contains 8 RISC microprocessors on the one chip, each running at 80MHz or more, and includes 32KB ROM, 32KB and 8 x 2K RAM blocks. (see www.parallax.com).

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SD Files (SDfiles.zip)

For more information, see the Parallax Forum
RamBlade: Prop+SRAM+microSD addon to run ZiCog/CPM/PropDos/Catalina, etc

Here is a panel of 10 boards.

This is a block diagram. Right-click to download the picture for viewing full-size.

This is some possible connections. Right-click to download the picture for viewing full-size.

Cluso's TriBladeProp PCB

The TriBladeProp is a Single Board Computer (SBC) based on three Parallax Propeller microprocessor chips. Each Propeller microprocessor contains 8 RISC microprocessors on the one chip (see www.parallax.com). Features include SRAM, Flash, microSD, VGA, composite video (TV), PS2 Keyboard and Mouse, power regulators and USB interface to PC.

Click on photo to enlarge.

One Propeller does the procesing with extra SRAM (512KB/1MB/4MB of static RAM memory), up to 8MB of Flash memory, and a microSD socket for up to 2GB of external memory. The second Propeller acts as a terminal with VGA and/or composite video (TV) outputs and PS2 style connectors for Keyboard and Mouse. The third Propeller provides additional I/O for interfacing to external boards.

Emulation of other older popular "retro" computers may be done on the TriBladeProp board. A Z80 version running CP/M is in the advanced stages.

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The board has been designed to be assembled by the hobbyist and is based on all through-hole components except the FT232RL and microSD connector. The FT232RL is used in the on-board PropPlug to communicate with a PC - an external PropPlug can be purchased preassembled. The microSD connector is fairly easy to solder with a small tip soldering iron.

More information including schematics and assembly instructions for the TriBladeProp Single Board Computer may be obtained here.

The TriBladeProp bare PCB is available for US$30.00 plus US$4.50 postage (unregistered/uninsured AirMail) plus any applicable taxes from cluso@bluemagic.biz    Payment by PayPal.
All components (except PCB) may be purchased from DigiKey and Future Electronics.

Multiple TriBladeProp PCBs can be purchased in panels of up to 5 PCBs. Jumpers can be used to connect the power rails together. Alternately, single PCBS can be stacked.

I can solder the surface mount parts for a small fee. If there is sufficient demand, I may stock a kit of components.

See the Parallax Forums for further discussion on these pcbs...
Single Board Computer on the TriBladeProp
TriBladeProp - A new 3 propeller PCB
SixBladeProp - A new 6 propeller PCB
ZiCog a Zilog Z80 emulator (and CP/M)

SixBladeProp PCB

The SixBladeProp PC was designed to use 6 Parallax Propeller Microprocessor chips. It has been replaced with the more functional TriBladeProp PCB, which can be stacked, or be purchased in panels of up to 5 TriBladeProp PCBs.

More information on the SixBladeProp PCB may be obtained here.